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Rosebud Continuum

Dakota Prayer Ride, Water, Walk, and Run

Source: Dakota Ride
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When: ​December 10th-26th, 2018

Where:​ Beginning at Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Memorial Park, in Sisseton, SD at 9:30 a.m.

We All Take Environmental Responsibility

We encourage Water Walkers to participate to heal our 4-direction waterways that affect all people.
Continental Divide spreading of contamination of our rivers and lakes.

All relatives welcome to help come support or participate.

We have a special invite to all youth who want to participate:
We are calling our young artist that may want to help with the Mural that we will be putting together to help bring communities and youth together to promote awareness art on keeping our river and waters contamination free for our future generations.

Bring a vial of water from your territories to add to our Mni Wic’oni pale for healing prayers.
Send vial with history if you cannot attend:
Dakota Ride & Walk, PO Box 686, Agency Village, SD 57262

Sharon Day will lead us in prayers and water blessing of our spiritual journey
through riding horses, walking and running.

In Memory of Marissa Wakiyan BlackLance 

All s'unka (dogs) welcome -- must have shots  --- leash control.
No alcohol, drugs, profanity & cruelty to animals.
In creating a safe place to pray where women and children will be participating,
we are asking all sex offenders to refrain from participating, in a respectable way.



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